AssetWhere™ CAD Master Plan

CAD “Master Plan”




Thinking about the next stage of development for your site?

Do you need to provide a current plan of your site to planners, architects or consultants?

OMNILINK can convert AssetWhere™ data into CAD format file. All the information will be in easy to identify, as individual layers in the same way that AssetWhere™ works. The Master Plan file can be used for a number of things, including:

  • your architect can see the site as map layers and this will aide in master planning projects.
  • External engineers, consultants and contractors can view the relevant services data such as underground cables and pipes.
  • Future developments i.e. the footprint of a proposed new block, can be added back. Proposed new development can be added to AssetWhere™

As all the information is already to-scale and geo-referenced (mapped, in the right place and rotated correctly north-south) so any external party can use it effectively.

The CAD plan will be provided to you via a download link (or CD if required). We can supply DXF, AutoCAD (DWG) and Microstation (DGN) formats as standard. Other formats are available.

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