Student Mapping and Transport Planning

Locate Student Address Details

StudentWhere™ – adding the “Where” factor

Knowing the location of your customers (in this case current and prospective school students) provides a valuable insight for enrolment planning strategies for the school, targeting marketing promotions and offering services such as a school bus service.  StudentWhere™ is a business mapping application that locates each student on a map based on their nominated home address, and is used by school managers for a range of business outcomes.

The key benefits of StudentWhere™ are:

  • Locate students to enable analysis of the concentration of students within suburb areas. This provides effective marketing and planning information for schools.
  • Assists schools with funding and grant submissions based on socio-demographic and economic information.
  • Assist with bus route planning – adding and modifying bus services to match the location of students.

OMNILINK has developed specialist software functions that locate (the technical term is “geo-code”) each student using address details from the school’s student management system. As a student enrols or changes address, the address is matched to a geographic coordinate using an automated process..  OMNILINK utilise authoritative Cloud Services to obtain the very latest street address records. Initial trials show that a very high match rate is achieved with the first automated match process

StudentWhere™ has become an essential business tool for creating and managing school bus routes.  This helps the school contract out the bus services with confidence.  Schools using StudentWhere™ can very quickly respond to parents of prospective students about the bus routes and bus stop times available to them, in both map and timetable format.

Catchment analysis has been used extensively to analyse the zones of new enrolments and to target promotional activities.  With the addition of census demographic and economic data, schools can target their ideal enrolment zones.

When integrated with a student management system, the user can interactively query the student details.  StudentWhere™ connects live to Synergetic to utilise the latest student data.  StudentWhere™  can also operate with a download of student details and addresses.

StudentWhere™  is very easy to implement, and OMNILINK offers extensive training and support services to users.  StudentWhere™  is currently available for schools in Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom.

Studentwhere from OMNILINK

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