AssetWhere™ solves your property information puzzle


Inaccurate or incomplete property information compromises the ability to deliver core services. It negatively affects an organisations costs and finances.

AssetWhere™ allows organisations to visualise underground services, room and building details and key asset information in a user friendly map-based system. OMNILINK works with you to collate, verify and present this critical information to help with operational issues and development decisions.

OMNILINK has been working with property information since 1987. Whether your organisation is upgrading facilities, constructing new buildings or just seeking a better way to manage property information as a corporate resource, OMNILINK can help.

3 Issues Organisations Face with their Property

  • Each service interruption is a hit and miss exercise as we don’t have accurate plans. Many organisation face disruption when fixing underground services, as it can take staff or contractors longer to locate and fix problems without access to accurate plans.
  • We don’t have a central place to record information – it’s just in one person’s head. When a key person leaves they often take a lot of valuable knowledge with them about the location of services and building information.
  • I just wasn’t prepared for the damage to our organisation and it took too long to find what I needed. It is very difficult to assemble property records especially when we are still using old paper plans and / or relying on external consultants like architects or engineers.

AssetWhere™ lets you:OC Site Image

  • Gain immediate access to your property information
  • Distribute plans to external parties easily and efficiently
  • Take the guess work out of resolving your property problem
  • React quickly to issues with confidence
  • Retain knowledge as corporate and enduring resource.

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